German Xpress

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German Express , a short-film, based on the notion of “the things we forgot to remember”
Directed by Daniel Constantin Barbu.
Andra Amelia Buhai as the german soldier
Alina Gordin as prisoner l
Diana Ciurte as prosoner ll
Special thanks to Liviu Macovei

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260MC Reflection/Analysis. T2

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260MC, was the longest yet interesting module, I have taken yet. Starting slow with a vague perception of film history,  I’ve learned that nothing in media those days, can be original, yet we draw from the past,  inspiration and we combine it with our vision, to create “our style”, witch basically means that we have left a footprint  in the media industry. This module was a true inspiration, and it made me think professionally.

Term two was all about future, and how we, as  a young generation, can change the world, and make it  better. I started term two stepping, outside my comfort zone, and thinking outside the box. We  were assign, to  invent,  a new technology, prototype, website, app, that somehow will change the way we see things. 57% of  the students, chose to create an app, that is  related to university, and  make a easier life to  media production students. This  says a lot about the youngest generation witch is  that technology became a part of society, and  people  uses their phones,app, everyday, at any hour of the day., says that ” Face to face communication and voice calls are actually less and less popular, especially amongst the young crowd where each teenager receives around 88 text messages per day on average. Those are staggering numbers.”

Conform ” There are 6.8 billion, mobile subscriptions worldwide.”


In the first week, I though about creating an app, in order to, build a community, followed by my second idea, witch was  an experimental art gallery, and using it in order to get more people interested in the arts industry (click here to know more about it ). After the  verbal feedback I’ve got from my tutors, I’ve decided to finally go with something more futuristic, and I came up with  X100, a laser camera, witch  is able to film, and take photography  by  shooting a pulse of laser, and analysing the environment, and  it will be able to  use holograms to play it back to the audience. ( more details about X100).

The goods about  X100, are that is using a new technology that is not yet on the market , (3D HOLOGRAMS), is able to film with laser,  you have full control of the image( it changes your perspective,you can shift the living picture in any direction; left, right, up, down and all around), and it gives you and the  users, a whole new world, and a  camera that knows it all.

There  are some issues with this camera,  witch the  research that it needs to be done, before creating it, preparing the world in order to accept  a change, the price witch, in the releasing year will be  higher, and not many, will have, that amount of money, to spend on a new technology, and the biggest issue, is that the camera will  take a long time till the release, and from my  research, 2030, will be the year for X100, as  most of the technologies that, this camera  uses,   were already invented in 2009, 2010, 2012.

Term two, from 260MC, was  all about future, and all about changing the world. Is the most interesting module I have taken, yet  it made me realise, that, at this point of time, my ideas, are not involving  the meaning of ” changing  the world” as it should,  yet I think  the idea that I’m presenting is a bold move, and from those 200 hours,  I’ve learned  a lot about the history of media, technology, and how it influences, the way we live today.

Jacob Aron, says in his article for that ” The virtual currency is about more than money – the real innovation is what people are doing with the technology it is based on.” 

Future development plan for X100

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X100, is a  new technology on market, witch will be available on market in 2030.  This means that this  technology is still in the researching area, and  in order to make it  available to the public, I’ll have to hire, a research, marketing, and technicians team. 

This  camera is a challenge, and   I will need a professional team behind me, to work with. In a short analyse, I discovered that, with the right amount of money, and a good team, we can manage to market it. 

I  also did a marketing/business plan, and  I believe that In our first year of operation, we believe we can capture 15 to 25% of the market, which translates into £100,000 – £130,000 in sales.We can earn £149,000 in our first year, rising to £175,000 and £191,000 in our second and third years, respectively. Our market strategy will be to advertise and capitalize on the services that our competitors do not offer. 



We will be competing, with several companies, as Nikon,Cannon,Leica, The new technology camera that can see across corners… etc…

We have a competitive advantage, however, because our equipment is more aligned with the video production industry trends requiring digital technology, as opposed to analog devices. 

The company is seeking a loan in the amount of £800.000, witch will be used to pay the  team, equipment, advertising, and for the  research team. 

Start-up Funding
Start-up Expenses to Fund £300,000
Start-up Assets to Fund £500,000
Total Funding Required £800,000
Non-cash Assets from Start-up £242,000
Cash Requirements from Start-up £40,000
Additional Cash Raised £5000
Cash Balance on Starting Date £123,000
Total Assets £410,000
Liabilities and Capital  
Current Borrowing £0
Long-term Liabilities £500,000
Accounts Payable (Outstanding Bills) £3000
Other Current Liabilities (interest-free) £2000
Total Liabilities £505,000
Planned Investment  
Daniel Barbu £20,000
Other £40,000
Additional Investment Requirement £16,000
Total Planned Investment £93,000
Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) (£0)
Total Capital £400,000
Total Capital and Liabilities £410,000
Total Funding £800,000

Our mission is to become a world-known company that will be known as the  game changer  for film industry ,utilising the latest technology to shift market share from competitors.

Market Analysis
    Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5  
Potential Customers Growth           CAGR
TV stations 5% 600 630 662 695 730 5.03%
Video production companies 10% 150 165 182 200 220 10.05%
Movie directors and producers 50% 700 900 1200 1400 1600 15.04%
General public 35% 300 540 650 930 1012 7.02%
Total 13.05% 2,570 2,892 3,265 3,697 4,198 52.22%

The company’s management philosophy will be based on responsibility and mutual respect. Our company  will maintain an environment and structure that will encourage productivity and respect for customers and fellow employees.The management team  will be  highly experienced and qualified. The management team  will be leaded by Mr. Daniel Barbu.