Life will never be clear and sharp without a meaning.

As a very passionate human being, I love Art, witch off course have to be related with my  childhood. I’m a student at Media Production,  filmmaker and an artist. I see the world as an infinite playground, and an inspiring place  to get your creation growing.

Todays topic, is  ABSTRACT, and I have 2 clips for you to hopefully be inspired by. I love abstract, and the reason why, is because I feel that abstract art, is  more personal,   intrigue  you to see beyond the art .

The first clip, is from Zacher-Finet, and  we can see a demo, and how he created the abstract acrylic painting, called “Gedankenschleifen” ( see the  link below)

The second clip, is a short-film, called “Beyond The Fog” directed by me , and  I would like  for you to comment and give me feedback on what are your feeling when your watching it, and what is the story in ur opinion. ( The motto for the  film is “Life will never be clear and sharp without a meaning. ”

Leave me  your comments and feedback. I would  like   to hear from you, and read  your  opinions about ABSTRACT.

TATE / Untitled (Living Sculpture)

Untitled (Living Sculpture)

Untitled, is an amazing sculpture by Marisa Merz, dated since 1966.

I find myself being so inspired by this artist, and how she can delivered something so beautiful, just by playing with aluminium and stapler.

It helped me realise, how important and powerful simplicity can be.

After visiting TaTe Modern in London, I was questioning what ART, really means, seems that I couldn’t find a answer yet, but it made me realise, that I need to work on my artistic eyes, and think outside the box.

Trying to keep my project as  simple as I can, and develop my  artistic eyes, to make a beautiful piece.

Spectrum/Experimental Colour

One very important difference between color and monochromatic photography is this: in black and white you suggest; in color you state. Much can be implied by suggestion, but statement demands certainty… absolute certainty. – Paul Outerbridge – [Julia Scully, “Seeing pictures”, Modern Photography, Oct. 1976, p. 8]

Fine-Art Photography by Pure-Art Productions

 ”Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph”.  – Matt Hardy

XIBALBA -Short Film (work in progress)


Title: “XIBALBA”

Format: Short-Film

Genre: Mystery,Drama,Fantasy.

Characters: Norne , Oracle, Old Woman.

Soundtrack: Musical underlays and transitions where necessary. Most music will be pertinent to the mood of the scene.We’re going  to use original music.

This  film will talk about  the struggle of a young girl trying to integrate in a world full of unacknowledged , and  find her purpose in live. When her family is falling apart, she’s trying to find her own home. The forest will be her called home,here she feels protected and loved by the nature. As the story will apear to the audience, the visuals of the video will present  Norne’s feeling by using effects, colours.

After I wrote the treatment I wanted to change the name  of the main character, Linderskap , to Norne. Reading the story, and starting to developed it, get some visuals, write the treatment and script, made me realise that Linderskap, was not  working with the story as the action take place back  to 1975• (1) in England, and the main character is a young british girl. Linderskap is a norwegian name witch means  destiny. (TO BE CONTINUED).

Lady Gaga – Applause at VMA’s

After  almost 2 weeks, since Applause  was released , Lady Gaga , will perform her new track on this year Video Music Awards.

more details..? yeah I know u want more.

The music video was released on 19.08.2013 and we see Lady Gaga, being Lady Gaga, but  as a  performer more than just a singer. A black and white/ film painting  video which shows all the sides of  her obsession (FAME), and  her manifesto “I’m not an ICON, I’m every ICON”.

music video link  below:

As  she will open this year’s VMA’s, in everyone’s mind is  how the performance will be like. Lady Gaga, also posted 2 pictures from rehearsals,  in which she  is dressed in a black swan, ballerina  costume, borrowed from DITA VON TEESE. (see below)


WE know that the  performance will be amazing, and everyone will talk about it, but  how it will be like?(well, we have to  see 2night on MTV.

Here is a good  guess :(may be true)?


Heal (Short Film) – coming soon-


Here’s the official poster and  Manifesto/Confession from  HEAL (short-film).

– more details to come –

The truth is just a beast lost in paradise !

The truth may bury this,but I’m gonna open my eyes under the ground , and if it’s still snowing in hell, at least my eyes will bleed for my Insanity.

Don’t wanna feel it again , just want to forget it. Feel like I’m dying inside (don’t leave) , peeling my flash after the down.

Where is god, when you can’t even see yourself?

The only thing you see it’s just flows , and your arms bleeding .

I need to fly.

Kept lying to myself,  , but it’s just that I’ve forgotten to see the beauty of the beast, and still wonder!, could you love a soulless person, a sacrifice,  a lie?

The Truth will make us HEAL.

The truth!? there are all lies , but still a beast in paradise !

Inspiration v.0.1