Exploring the BIG IDEAS through  visual arts performance, events, and conversation, that was my motto when I started thinking of what I want to do  with this module.

My  first idea was to create a community of  people that share the same interests in  media, via an app , that will use  RADAR, CHAT, and  page  where you can share your ideas and DONATE for the projects you are interested in.

I always had a passion for  art, and experimental, from  drawing to film, my work always is a reflection of the way I see world, and the feeling that I want my audience to get when they are looking at my paintings, films, shorts, etc.

After I’ve changed my first idea, as my tutor  wasn’t so impressed, saying that  it’s not something that the world needs, and that  people are using  Facebook to  interacts and  find people, even though  I disagree, and  I think that   having  an app where you can see how far they are from you, their interests and projects, is an easier way to  communicate, and my  research ( asking students  what they think  about the idea) , was a positive one, receiving 85% from 100 people. I’ve still decided  to  change my idea and go to a bigger idea, and create an EXPERIMENTAL GALLERY , CALLED   D.B.C EX-ART-G , the name represents my initials, plus  EX- FROM EXPERIMENTAL , and could even represent EX-ART, as a form, from past, meaning “the  way we present our new form of art, is innovative, creative and is what we call ” the EX is the new X “, and expression in which  X is representing the  future.

This gallery  is taking place in 4 box rooms, each room  have a story, and a department, for example, the first room is the lighting room, where  a story will  be told via lights and shadows. then we go to  the media room, where we can see 4  films projected on the walls, the 3rd room is the performing arts room, and the 4th, is the  painting and drawing.

(bellow you can see a few pictures )


A different way to enjoy art, this gallery is presenting itself as an experience.

The way I thought of marketing is by  researching Facebook ads, and  make a poll for people in ART AND DESIGN  department from Coventry University to  vote , and it seems that just in Coventry  there are  240,000 people that share the same interests, aged between 13 – No Max 

“This product differentiation strategy is
“designed to offer variety to buyers rather than to appeal to different
segments” (Kotler 1984, p. 251). According to Staudt et al. (1976 p. 6)
product differentiation has followed the approaches shown below:
(a) physical differentiation of product
(b) psychological differentiation of product
(c) differences in purchasing environment
(d) difference by virtue of physical distribution capability
(e) differences in after-purchase assurance of satisfaction in use 
(f) differences in prices and terms of sale.”   Market Segmentation, A. Caroline Tynan Lecturer, Department of Business Studies, University of Edinburgh AND Jennifer Drayton, lecturer, Department of Marketing, University of Strathctyde, Gtasgew .

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