Why X100 / Evaluation

X100, is a prototype, and a new technology, that will be on the market, in 10 to 15 years. This new camera, will bring  a new world to filmmakers, a new method to shoot, and create their films,in an interactive, and interesting way .

Why the world needs technology ?

Everytime I ask filmmakers about  the equipment that they use, they are always saying that they wish  that filming could become more easy, less equipment to carry, and in the same time more interesting. Lately I’ve  done research on 100 media students from Coventry University, and I found out that  they will be  really interested in buying  X100. One of them said ” X100, is a practical,yet innovative and revolutionary, new technology, that will  help filmmakers be more creative, and the audience to interact more with the film, story” , ” holograms are a nice touch to the camera, hopefully the design  will be practical” said another student.

After  this research,  I started taking this idea more serious, and  I want  my audience to visualise it, so I started thinking about design, and how  I can make my  idea work in the real world.(Click Here)

To answer why the world needs technology, I’m going, to start by saying, that, for many people, the internet, mobiles, social networking and other new technologies are shaping their daily lives.”There are 18.8 million home broadband connections in the UK, 50 % of adults in the UK have a social networking profile, children aged 12-15 are more likely to say they would miss their mobile phone or the internet than TV, nearly a third of 12 to 15 year olds in the UK use a smart phone to go online at home, there was a threefold increase in tablet use among young people between 2011 and 2012, teenage girls now send more than 30 text messages a day” ( source teachtoday.eu).

Most people think that technology is still changing the world, and it will, as I agree with this information. Technology is shaping the world, and  the future, it may look, exactly  like we imagine too, and we see in films.

A team from Microsoft, already started to  build a hologram world, that uses holograms that have weight, and  we can manipulate it, exactly as we like. ( see video )

X100, is a prototype that can, and it will be  available for the large public, in 2030. If your still unsure about  the   new technology, check out the  video pitch, and see for yourself.

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