The “Gimme Gimme” Game


A quiz game show about unknown facts and mysteries on Coventry, with different themes each week.

Synopsis :  The “Gimme Gimme” Game Show, will run every week, and it’s trying to get the younger audience into the history and unknown facts about the  local city. It’s a local show witch is trying to get   to the national radio, and word wide. The  format of the show  is  explaining itself. It’s been produced by Daniel Constantin Barbu, and  presented by  Daisy Spivey. The show will inform the audience, educate, and entertain. Each week we will have a contest of knowledge , and the winner will have the chance to come and visit the studio, get to know the  producer and presenter , and  will have the chance to win  prizes.  We care  about our audience, and we   are trying to  communicate with them via social media ( facebook , twitter, phone calls) . We also give the audience  a chance to  communicate with us, contact us , and visit us. As the name  says,  The “Gimme Gimme” Game ,  is a show where we have  5 rounds, and every round they will win something  from a bag of tea, to a voucher,  or even bigger prizes, depends on  how much they know about their city ( The more , the better). The show can be even heard online after it’s aird, on our website, and the files, are edited by Kieran Finch

Pace, mood and style: This is a fast live  show ( know or go) . It brings a light-hearted atmosphere, but still very entertaining and inform the younger audience ,16+ about the unknown facts about their city in a 5 round game ( music , film and tv,historical figures, a bonus round, and  general facts). The show will embrace background music , to create a dynamic atmosfere and sound effects for each round.

Summary : This show is worth watching because it will cultivate your general knowledge about the place you live, in a very dynamic and entertaining mood. It also  engage audience to use their brain,  win prizes and   get to know the  people behind it.


BBC Coventry & Warwickshire

BBC Coventry and Warwickshire is the BBC Local Radio service serving the City of Coventry and the county of Warwickshire. It broadcasts on 94.8, 103.7 and 104 MHz FMDAB Digital Radio and is streamed on the internet via the BBC Website.


What is the point of local radio?

Local Radio, gives  the audience, local news,  weather,  travel and info,  and  it can also plays  music mix, and national news.

However, the problem comes when you have big, corporate groups – GWR for one (though not the only one) – which turn their stations into such bland affairs, it becomes almost impossible to tell the difference between local and national commercial radio.

Who is the target audience?

The Target is  the local  people who enjoy listening  local radio for any  reason, eater just for news, weather and info…

What is the appeal of local radio to its’ listeners?

Even if , those  days , people are more involved  watching tv, and not really listen  to a radio station  for any reason other then  music. There are  out there  locals that  loves their local station, and  have a real connection with it.

What is different about BBC radio to it’s rivals Mercia FM and Touch FM

Mercia FM is viciously rivalled to Touch FM. Touch has a lot of contemporary music, which appeals to the listeners, but for some it just might be a  radio station full of adds, and bad music, when on the other side, BBC, is a more serious station, and for some a more  traditional and reliable  station.