Pecha Kucha 20/20

Visual Approach of the Piece of Mind – Short-Film –

PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images. ( source : )

Piece of Mind – Synopsis –

JURGEN spends his birthday with his grandson NICHOLAS, cheerful boy aged 8 years old, going for a walk in the park. They decide to sit down in a bench. Jürgen takes out his journal in order to go over old times. Suddenly TOM, a really good friend of Nicholas, appears in the park and Nicholas prefers to go to play war with him.
Jürgen watches affectionately how Tom and Nicholas play war, but at some point he decides to open his journal to get more entertained. He starts to read his birthday page of 1918, when he was getting his 19th in the middle of WW1. He still looks at the kids from time to time to make sure they are fine.
The birthday moments he is reading in his diary turns into bad times at the same time that Nicholas starts to lose the war game. Jürgen struggles in the bench while reading. Nicholas struggles in the playground while being aimed.
Nicholas lies on the grass because he has been shot but after a while he stands up taking Tom’s hand. Tom and Nicholas walk together laughing in the direction of the bench where Jürgen is.
At that moment, Jürgen realises that WW1 was not a game where you can stand up at the end to go home , but it put face to face people that were not really different one from others. They both believe they were answering their country call but they were writing full stop in others live or in their own. When Jürgen gets over it, he stands up and walks home embracing both kids with his arms and leaving his journal -so his memories from war- on the bench.


#healshortfilm (interactive game)

Let’s play a game!,
I had this idea since my last piece, as maybe I see things a bit differently, so I’m going to give you some clues in the text below, and I would love for you to leave me a comment on how you find this piece or the message of it
Heal, is a piece, that represents ART, in a 3:25 minute video.
The story is about an artist which changes personalities, and colour, to run away from the present and see herself in the future.
It shows the transformation in 3 parts : clues!? ,( wig, purple,water).
I wanted to present a simple short-story, with a powerful message about the TRUTH.
(The truth is just a beast lost in paradise !)

“The truth may bury this,but I’m gonna open my eyes under the ground , and if it’s still snowing in hell, at least my eyes will bleed for my Insanity.” I wrote this line thinking about the frustration, lies, and feelings that comes with being an artist and falling in love with one. clue 4.( Read between the line)

Art meets nature.
If you remember in one of my previews posts I said that art is nature and nature is art, as the environment that we live in is an infinite place of inspiration. I want to present to my audience that they can create art with nature, and that nature is the most inspiring of all.

” Where is god, when you can’t even see yourself?” is clue nr 5.

The truth will make us heal ! . Would you agree with that? or maybe the truth is just a lie!?

The film ends in a good theme and a her realisation on what is the truth, is all about.
Cleaning her pain which represents her scars and her past.


The truth!? there are all lies , but still a beast in paradise !