Video Pitch Development

      Let’s start by knowing my idea which is a new media product, that will use the same principles, as the real-world technology cameram that  can see around corners, but my prototype, is a bit more sci-fi, as I want to create  a camera that is aware of the travel time of light, and  can  analyse the object, and environment, using laser pulse, and  when you watch it back , it will use  3D holography to   create the hologram.
  As for 260MC , we need to create a video pitch  that will show the development and the idea, I’ve decided that I have to research more about  my idea, see  is there is  another prototype out there, is someone though about it before, or just to clear my mind around what exactly I should  know when creating a such bold project, and the process I’m going thru. 
   I’ve asked myself if there is a need for my idea, and in the research below, I think that the world is ready, and in a few years, if not 10 then 50, my idea will be  real and everyone will hold my camera in their hands.
  In order to build an audience for my new idea, I had to do some research, and find out how many people are interested in technology, cameras, media, holography,e.t.c, so I’ve created an ad  using Facebook, witch allow me to  see that 5,400,000 people share the same interests, and they could be my audience for my new idea , just in Uk, and more then 34,000,000 in US, which I think it’s more then I could ever imagine. As a new prototype  I think that my audience will  get engage, fast,  as I think we all want to know what future brings, and  how things will be different. From ÉTIENNE-JULES MAREY, which begins his initial studies into the possibility of analysing the motion of birds in flight in 1870, to ADWEARD JAMES MUYBRIDGE, which used a battery of 24 cameras to photograph a race horse,  and was the beginning of what would become known as stop-action series photography. Muybridge would continue the study of motion and the theory of locomotion using animals, and later, humans.
ImageOne set of stop-action-series photographs
We can see how the way we see things changed, and now  having a camera that uses laser to  photograph across the corner. Looking up the website to  find out more about Ramesh Raskar’s camera, witch is  similar to my idea, I find out that ” The speed of light isn’t infinite: light travels about a foot per billionth of a second ” , the process that he’s been thru with his research, and   I realised that  I need to  do more research into the in ultrafast lasers and photonics, but what I know for sure is that  is possible  to build it into a camera.