Heal (Short Film) PREMIERE


Heal (Short film) is the continuation of Chapter 1 (Angel’s Call) :

Ya’ll is here! come and watch #healshortfilm , a P U R E – A R T production.
Director: Daniel Constantin Barbu
Writer: Daniel Constantin Barbu (screenplay)
Stars: Marce Lica
Soundtrack by VIRTUALLoreen

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Beyond The Fog ( short – abstract – film )

Directed and Edited by @Daniel Constantin Barbu.
Facebook: facebook.com/pure.art.productions
Bless your soul. Love is nature and nature is love
The meaning of this video is to see life with another eyes. Life will never be clear and sharp without a meaning.
This beginning of the film. wanted to show how love can be compared to nature .
The film is a love story presented and compared by nature.
After the love is gone and she dies , the world adapt to the story and shows his emotions , and now the world is just fog.